Welcome to the UCS Students’ Union Elections 2015!


So what are the elections all about?

UCS Union is a student-led charity which exists for the sole purpose of representing students views and the collective student voice to UCS, local organisations, NUS and government. In order to be student-led and representative to students we need to hold elections.

The elections taking place are for UCS Union’s Executive Committee, which manages the day-to-day operations of the Union. There are 12 officers that sit on the Committee. Two of the officers are full-time paid officers, known as Sabbatical Officers, and the remaining 10 positions are student officer positions, split into two formats, Department Officers and Campus Officers, which are held by UCS students while they are still studying. Sabbatical Officers represent all students across all sites of UCS, and any student can stand and vote for them while they are a student at UCS. The Student-Officer positions only represent their UCS Ipswich Department, or UCS students at their UCS Learning Network Centre.

The committee makes decisions about what campaigns should be run, what direction to take over long term UCS Union engagement strategies, and sits on the Student Experience Committee sitting as equals with UCS Executive including Provost.

The positions are:

• President (Education and Engagement)
• Vice-President (Welfare and Activities)
• Department Officer for Arts and Humanities
• Department Officer for Children, Young People and Education
• Department Officer for Health Studies
• Department Officer for Nursing Studies
• Department Officer for Psychology, Sociology and Social Work
• Department Officer for Science and Technology
• Department Officer for Suffolk Business School
• Campus Officer for UCS Bury St. Edmunds
• Campus Officer for UCS Great Yarmouth
• Campus Officer for UCS Lowestoft

Why do the elections matter?

To make sure that UCS Union is student-led, your officers need your views about UCS matters:

  • Your course
  • Your fees
  • The support you get from lecturers
  • The feedback you get from exams and assessed work
  • The bursaries or fee waivers you receive
  • Sporting provisions at UCS
  • Links with the local community and local student discounts
  • Lobbying local Councillors, MPs, and MEPs for a better deal for students


Your officers also need your views on Union matters like:

  • How UCS Union engages with students
  • What support we can provide to students for personal academic matters
  • What support we can provide to students for sporting matters
  • How Theta and Campus Shop can suit your needs
  • How we can help you foster your interests through societies
  • How you are engaged through course representative structures
  • How course representatives are trained and supported
  • Working with NUS for better support for students nationwide
  • Involving all students regardless of working/family responsibilities
  • Involving all students regardless of which UCS site or Department they study in

….Plus so much more!!! You have the right to be supported throughout your university experience at UCS by the Students Union, and the Union has the responsibility to represent you to the highest standard that it possibly can.